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How to install and configure broadlink tc2 smart light switch RF

How to install and configure broadlink tc2 smart light switch RF

How to install and configure broadlink tc2 smart light switch RF

Time needed: 13 minutes.

The Broadlink TC2 is a smart light switch as I assume that who will be reading this instruction article should know what and how this device mainly works so I will get straight to the subject, to install the TC2 and to control it I need the following requirements:
1- Broadlink TC2 
2- Broadlink RM Pro 
3- WiFi Router 
4- SmartPhone 
5- Internet service (for remote control) 
Broadlink Rm Pro plus RF 433Mhz Infrared bridgebroadlink light switch tc2

-As for the tools you will be needing an electricity tester screwdriver. 
-The application IHC will be used in this instruction article. 

ATT: If you do not have the basic technical knowledge and experience about home electricity, please it is better and safer to hire a professional.

  1. Install TC2

    I have good technical electricity knowledge so, I unscrewed and removed the old light switch from my wall and replaced it with the TC2.
    The cabling and installation are the same as any traditional light switch.
    On the back where the cables go in the TC2, the slot represented with L is for live current cable and the L1/2/3 slots are for the light cable.

  2. Install Intelligent home center application

    First of all, I need to install the control application, so I will open google play store (or Apple store) on my mobile and I will search for the application Intelligent home control and install it.

  3. Create A new account

    Now I will open the Intelligent home center application, of course, if this is the first time I am using this application I have to create a new account
    And this can be done by either using an email address and verify the account by email, or by login via Facebook by pressing on the sign with Facebook, as easy as that

  4. Rm Pro installation

    I will Plug the Rm pro to power by using the USB cable and power adapter and will make sure my phone is connected to the local WiFi network

  5. Configure

    When the RM Pro power-up, I will see a blue fast blinking light on the front of the device, if the blinking speed was 3 blinks per sec this means that the device is ready to configure.
    if It wasn’t as described I will have to reset the device by pressing and holding the reset button for 12 sec +/- 2sec

  6. Application

    Now while the RM pro is blinking 3 blinks per sec I will open the Application IHC home page, and to add a new device I will press on the + sign on and chose add device.

  7. Category

    in the category page choose the 1st one (universal remotes) and next on the device list also press the fist, which is RM pro

  8. WiFi

    Press next in the instruction and info page.
    Now in the second page, WiFi network page, my WiFi network name should appear in the area marked in red below in the first row, and I will write the WiFi password in the row below it when done, I will press Next.

  9. Adding device

    It will take about 10 to 20 second till the application setup the device, when successful, a page with the name of the device listed will show up,
    If failed you will have to reset and redo all steps carefully.

  10. Add TC2 light switch

    Now since the RM pro is up and connected I can add the light switch to my application (using the RF 433.mhz on The Rm Pro).
    Again from the application home page I will press on the + icon and Add device

  11. Category

    In the category page, I will pick switch category, and I will make sure to chose the 5th device named TC2

    Note: the other device with the same model name listed works fine but they will disable to the fast menu in the home screen

  12. Gang and info

    Now I have to chose how many Gang my light switch has, and next, I will give the TC2 and each gang on it a name, also I will choose the room and press next.

  13. Configure TC2

    When I get to this page, what I have to do is to press the tc2 actual button for about 6 to 12 sec until the tc2 starts blinking, in the meantime, while it is blinking I will press on the configure button on my application, and instantly the rm pro will send an RF code and the tc2 will stop blinking.

  14. Successful

    If the tc2 stopped blinking after you press configure press yes, if not, press no and repeat.

  15. Use

    You can switch the light ON and OFF from the fast menu on the room page or from the tc2 page

  16. Timer

    from the time page, I can set multiple and several different timers

  17. Settings

    in the page setting, I can edit the device information such as gang and device name and room.

  18. Done

    That is everything I had to say about the TC2 please if you would like to buy the TC2 use the following URL
    Smart home automation