ZigBee Repeater

$ 29.00


  • Zigbee connection
  • ZigBee signal repeater (range extender)
  • Night light dimmable
  • Support 100+ Zigbee device connection
  • Application Smart Life
  • Plug Power
  • Reliable connectivity and state

Additional information

Weight145 g
Dimensions9 × 2 × 9 cm

ZigBee Repeater (signal extender)  has many advantages, It will reduce Wi-Fi router traffic and cover medium range using ZigBee signal to connect up 100+ compatible ZigBee smart devices. This hub get connected to your main ZigBee Gateway using ZigBee signal to insure an extended signal that reached dead spots. Also the ZigBee repeater have a dimmable night light to make more useful.  

What is in the package.

  • Zigbee repeater plugĀ 
  • Reset pin
  • Instruction manualĀ 

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