Smart Camera V1 Wi-Fi PTZ control


  • WIFI connection
  • 5 Volt USB power
  • 1920p * 1080p /25fps (2 megapixels)
  • 355° pan 85° tilt  PTZ control
  • Motion tracking
  • Motion detection
  • Patrol mode
  • 2-way voice
  • Up to 6 preset site position
  • 4 automation preset point position
  • On top mini-view
  • Night vision
  • SD card slot (Up to 256 GB capacity)
  • Remember last position (after reboot or event)
  • Humanoid detection
  • TLS/SSL encryption
  • Privacy mode (hide lens and disable audio)
  • Standalone
  • History logs
  • Share access control with members
  • Application Smart Life

$ 33.00

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Smart Camera motion tracking

Smart Camera V1 Wi-Fi PTZ control

This smart camera V1 Wi-Fi PTZ control, works over Wi-Fi network. Using application Smart Life or Tuya, where user will be able see real-time view and also can watch video playback  (recorded on SD card). In real-time user can use the PTZ feature to move the camera 355° left & right, and  85° up and down. 

By activation the motion tracking option the camera will automatically track and follow and person in the frame using the PTZ tilt and pan mechanism to insure high monitoring security. User can also use the two-way audio to communicate or warn any person on the other side. User can also share the access to this smart camera with other family members or any other user who have a smart life account, sharing access can be granted to all smart device in Smart life application account or to a single smart device. This smart camera can work as a standalone smart device or as part of a smart home hive, where the camera can interact with other smart devices install with the smart life application account. 

 Also user can create automation scenario to interact and trigger other smart devices in the smart life application. It has many awesome features, like:

  • Motion tracking (auto track any moving person)
  • Motion detection which also alarm users by sending a phone notification to the application.
  • Two-way voice, communicate and listen to whomever is on the other side.
  • Add up to 6 preset point position to instantly move camera PTZ position by a touch.
  • Configure 4 automation preset point to trigger using automation scenes.
  • 5 Volt power, (Use a traditional power-bank to power up the camera for 6 hours+. 
  • Not matter what time of the day it is, with the night vision that will make no difference.
  • It can be loaded with an SD card (Max capacity 256GB) to save 24/7 or event recording, and more of great features and tools.
  • Smart Camera V1 Wi-Fi PTZ control

Additional information

Weight361 g

What is in the package.

  • Smart Camera V1 Wi-Fi PTZ control 
  • Power adapter 
  • USB cable 
  • Bracket
  • Screws 
  • Manual instruction 

Additional information

Weight361 g


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