Broadlink SP3S Smart WiFi power plug energy monitor

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  • Communication mode : WiFi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz).
  • Max current 16 Amp.
  • Application available on play store and apple.
  • Energy monitoring.
  • IFTTT-Style Interaction.
  • History log.
  • Standalone.
  • Works in an offline network.
  • Scheduled, countdown and repeated timer.
  • Operating Temperature 0 C – 55 C, Max.On/Off Times : 50,000.
  • Dimension (L x W x H) 94 x 50 x 81.66 mm , 75 x 45 x 54 mm.

Broadlink Sp3s is a WiFi smart home automation power plug with 16 Amperes maximum capacity, that you can connect to your home WiFi router and control manually  by power button and remotely from a smart phone powerful application that is available on google play and apple store, this application can communicate with the device through WiFi local offline network or remotely from the internet.

2 applications are available in stores application E-control and application IHC (intelligence home control ) the IHC application has been developed recently to replace the Control application, the IHC has many updated option, better platform and categorizing and most important IHC is what makes Broadlink Sp3s smart plug work with Google home and Amazon Alexa.

So if you are using any of these applications you will have access to many options that can automate your SP3 action, an option such as a scheduled timer, countdown timer, repeated timer, energy monitoring, energy cost assumption, History logs, IFTTT style interaction, Summer and winter timing auto adjust.

Energy power monitoring show you instant power consumption in watts, and you can also set your local kilowatt price in dollar and monitor your connected appliance energy cost.

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Broadlink SP3S Smart WiFi power plug energy monitor

Broadlink SP3s is a smart WiFi plug for home automation, its easy and simple to use, simply plug it in a wall socket and connect any home appliance (that consume less than 16 amperes of power into) the Sp3s smart plug, connect the SP3s smart plug to your WiFi router  by following the instruction on the manual instruction catalog also you can always contact doobara support in Lebanon for help and assistance press here for contact us information.

Finally and after connecting the device to your WiFi router, you are ready to go and control the appliance power from your smartphone locally or remotely through the internet, the application will give you access to options such as setting timer, countdown and repeated cycle also you will be able to monitor the connected appliance power consumption.

In addition you can also access more option if you are using more that one broadlink product in your house, for example, you can use the IFTTT interaction if you own an A1 environment sensor or an S2/1 security kit sensors, if you do you can set a trigger using the IFTTT option by configuring a trigger interaction scenario, like turn on SP3s if the house door is opened.
Another option you have is creating  scenes, where you create one button that does multiple actions, for example, if you have installed in your living room the broadlink TC2 light switch, Broadlink RM smart IR, and the sp3s, you can create one button on your application screen that can turn all the connected devices OFF or ON or however you like them to act.

Product Details:
  • Energy monitor and cost assumption.
  • Control the electricity thru SP3s smart plug from your mobile or manually.
  • Set the different type of timers (countdown, schedule and repeated)
  • Control it remotely through the internet using E-control or IHC application
  • Interact with Broadlink sensors, S1 and A1
  • Easy to install
  • History state logs of action and power usage
  • Modern and classic design, compact size (94*50*33) and high quality
  • Max load 16A/3600W
  • power state indicator on the unit and in application
  • Reconnect automatically to Wi-Fi
  • Working temperature -20-70C
  • Working humidity ≤80%
  • Case material V0 classes fire resistant PC
  • Security mechanism WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
  • Works with Amazon Alexa
  • Works With Google Home

The BroadLink home automation Sp3s smart plug is the second generation of BroadLink Sp3 model with a modern design in white.
Configuring and using the device is very easy, all you need is a WiFi router, and a smartphone with IOS or Android operation system, to control remotely, internet service is needed on both sites.
What makes Sp3 special is the new energy monitoring and the metering feature where you can monitor the power consumption of any connected appliance, and also the application can assume your appliance weekly/monthly and yearly energy consumption cost.
Also, it has the same old Sp3 features like remotely turn on/off any plugged appliance to the plug, set 4 types of timers and up to 28 groups of timers, read history state, interacts with broadlink A1 and S1 sensors and more option of security, backup, shares control etc…


Using any of the 2 applications gives you access to many options that

For Home automation In Lebanon Broadlink SP3s works great for a couple of reasons

  1. Affordable price
  2. Automatically reconnect to the WiFi router after power  outages “Blackout”
  3. Return to the last state after power outages “Blackout”
Broadlink SP3S Smart WiFi power plug energy monitor

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Broadlink SP3S Smart WiFi power plug energy monitor

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Broadlink SP3S Smart WiFi power plug energy monitor

as a result doobara Home automation Lebanon hence The internet of things !!! en

doobara Available only in Lebanon.

BroadLink Lebanon

Broadlink SP3S Smart WiFi power plug energy monitor

the Broadlink is an affordable and commercial product available in Lebanon, also broadlink needs no hub or controller it is standalone all it needs is WiFi and a smartphone.

Additional information

Weight200 g
Dimensions10.5 × 7 × 10.5 cm

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  1. Ali Chalhoub (verified owner)

    the power meter is an great feature here
    thanks I love it

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    منتج كتير حلو قياس الكهربا كتير مفيج ومهم وسهل الاستعمال
    والخدمة اكثر من رائع شكرا

  3. Kherfen Bnob (verified owner)

    received in 2 days, all working good as description , power meter and all
    thank you

  4. Ram Ch (verified owner)

    Power meter ktir salbe

  5. Toufic abou habib (verified owner)

    It just do the job perfectly

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